Your loved ones need caregivers when they cannot do their job because of their health condition. Caregivers are responsible for meeting all the needs of patients.

Patients who provide medical care at home are called nurses. Patient caregivers working at home are ready for all possible complications. Caregivers help patients with their daily needs in the comfort of their own home, which positively contributes to the patient’s psychology. Pratik caregivers are qualified to perform all of the patient’s daily tasks, including physical, mental and social activities.

Caregivers assist the patient in personal care, bathing, feeding and socializing in communication. As Pratik, we are meticulous about choosing a caregiver. Our caregivers are qualified and experienced in patient care. If you want to meet the health care needs of your loved ones, contact us now!


To ensure the cleanliness of the patient’s environment

To provide the patient’s diet

Bathing the patient

Helping the patient to exercise if necessary

To communicate with the patient in a healthy and friendly manner


As the lifestyle becomes fast-paced, young people cannot pay attention thoroughly to the recovery of their elderly parents or a loved one. That’s why having a nurse at home makes things easier.

The caregiver meticulously provides all the daily activities necessary for patient care. If you want to have an at home caregiver, our professional caregivers are ready to do the best to help your patient spend more quality time! We offer a perfect patient care service so that you can be comfortable about your love ones while you are away from home!

By working with Pratik, you can ensure that your loved one receives first-class health care at home!


Bedridden patient care is an endeavor that must be meticulously performed. Pratik caregivers are highly qualified and knowledgeable about patient needs. They ensure the hygienic environment of the patient and meet the patient’s medicines and food needs in a timely manner. Help your loved ones gain health with competent and qualified caregivers!



Nursing prices vary according to various factors. Pratik’s prices are welcomed by our customers as they are kept in line with all types of budgets. Our educated and experienced inpatient caregivers work at the most affordable rates. We provide our perfect business network all over the care services in Turkey.